Liz Barrella is an installation artist, event producer and designer. Liz is known for experiential design through event curation, custom installations, and brand activations. 

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Liz began her career in event production in 2009 and has been working in the industry ever since. Based in Philadelphia,  she has spent the last 4 years working independently and is known for her passion for curation and her thoughtful design.

Liz works with brands to create unique experiences that promote audience engagement and distinct brand recognition. Her network of influencers and industry professionals elevates every experience she creates and increases brand exposure for all of her clients. Liz and her team work to generate meaningful connections between clients and influential sponsorships to increase media exposure and build cross-promotional opportunities.

Known for bringing people together, Liz creates impactful experiences through artful design thoughtful details. When not busy working with clients, Liz spends her time creating in her studio, teaching & practicing yoga, and traveling every chance she gets.

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